Development Sourcing

Great discounts can be had by buying distressed, viagra here off plan or carefully sourced BMV (Below Market Value) property. Colour Investments specialise in building relationships with property developers and sourcing the best investment opportunities to offer our clients. We do not take on any old development and we carry out a large amount of due diligence and research around each development that we offer to ensure we are offering the best property investments that provide great capital growth opportunities.

Due to the fact that we can quickly sell a developer's properties and we often buy multiple properties for our investors, we have more negotiating power and can often negotiate discounts of between 10-40% that would be unavailable to the individual buyer. We pass these discounts on to our clients so that they receive a fantastic investment with instant equity on completion!

By working directly with property developers, we have exclusive access to a number of property deals long before they have been released to the general public or general investors. We obtain property at its lowest price and negotiate substantial and genuine discounts (ie. 10-40%) from current market value.

When buying investment property with Colour Investments you have the best possible chance to make fantastic returns with minimal cash down. During the building of the development, the value of the property continues to grow, so not only do you benefit from the initial discount but also the capital growth during the build time of the property.

Investing in property with Colour Investments provides you with best return from your initial capital invested and you can be confident that the developments you choose through us are well researched, low risk and solid investments.

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