Colour Investment Finance

When buying a property, prescription decease particularly in a foreign country, pharm remedy most of us need to call on the expertise of a professional. Colour Investments partners with a team of professionals experienced in foreign property purchase and international mortgage advice. The international division includes fluent French, best viagra Spanish and Italian speakers to name a few, enabling us to speed up the application process when dealing with local notaries and banks.

We can help you arrange finance throughout the UK and across Europe including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland - and in the Caribbean and the US. Our partners are fully independent, which means we you will have access to all lenders giving you more choice and competitive rates.

We can quickly arrange for you to pre-qualify your application before you start your property search to give you an idea of what you can afford. Whether you are employed, self-employed or retired, our partners will endeavor to raise the finance you need in the country of purchase or via the UK, through tailored solutions specifically designed to meet your investment needs.