What is Snagging?

Snagging is the process of identifying defects in construction work while you still have the builder or developer in a position to get the work rectified. It is effectively your last chance to remedy any problem areas on their bill, cialis sale thumb and it can be a very stressful process.

There are two sorts of snagging: on new homes and on work in existing properties.
Obviously it is desirable to get everything right and it will be important should you sell, capsule particularly with new homes, look or you might find yourself paying to rectify these problems yourself when a simple snagging report could have picked up the problem early on. Colour Investments are able to advise you on snagging solutions available when you buy a new property and try and help point you in the right direction. Snagging is an important part of buying new build property and we would like to make sure you think about commissioning a snagging report close to the completion of your property investment.

Snagging is particularly useful for investors who are not able to visit the property prior to "hand over" from the developer and are not able to carry out their own snagging inspection. A snagging report will identify any problem areas in the property which can then be rectifed by the developer before the property is completed. The snagging company will deal direct with the developer saving you, the investor the headache of having to sort out the problems personally. Snagging is quite simply a pain and we would advise that a professional snagging company is used.

>> Please contact us with any questions about snagging and we will try to assist!