Rental Yield from your investment:

A major consideration of your property investment is whether the rental income from letting the property covers your outgoing costs to own the property i.e. mortgage, recipe patient ground rent e.t.c.

Here at Colour Investments we carefully research each of the property developments we offer and structure the finance with our mortgage partners so that your costs are at the very least covered. You can then leave your investment to grow in capital value over time and in turn grow the wealth of your property portfolio safe in the knowledge that your property is paying for itself. The major returns from your investment will come in the form of the capital appreciation in the value of your property.

Renting your property investment on completion:

We at Colour Investments are not letting agents, viagra buy viagra however, cialis sale look we do have many years experience in letting our own portfolio of properties both through letting agents and by doing it ourselves!

Knowledge of the surrounding area of your investment is useful when it comes to renting out your property. Local Letting agents are experts in their area and will be well positioned to rent out your property quickly. There are two main options open to you when renting out your new investment property. For the developments we offer we will assist you with all the options you might be able to utilise and the best way of managing your property portfolio effectively.

Using a letting agent to handle your property rental:

  • The least hassle for you as the letting agent does the leg work.
  • Best for investors with a large portfolio which can get difficult and time consuming to manage.
  • The letting agent handles all legal documents i.e. Tenancy agreements & references e.t.c...
  • The agent can manage the property maintenance so that you are not bothered by tenants in the middle of the night!
  • Some letting agents offer a "rental guarantee" where they pay the rent to you whether the property is occupied or not.


  • Letting agents charge a fee which means less return on investment.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good, reliable letting agent.

Renting the property yourself:

  • Maximum return on investment as you save on letting agent fees.
  • Maximum control over how your property is handled.


  • A lot of hassle and work required to manage a property i.e. finding tenants, handling legal documentation, advertising, maintenance and repairs e.t.c.
  • The work required becomes un-manageable as you grow your portfolio or part of your portfolio is based abroad.
  • Not cost effective as most investors still work full time and their time is very valuable.

Guaranteed Rental Insurance

These policies are invaluable for most landlords. As a tax deductible premium this will guarantee you receive the rent you are expecting from your property regardless of your tenants personal circumstances, ability or willingness to pay the rent.

If you have a mortgage on the property or have calculated your rental income verses your outgoings this will ensure you do receive your rent. Most such policies will include the legal expenses. You will receive your rent and the legal fees to obtain vacant possession will be covered.

Policies will usually guarantee your rental for a fixed period, typically 6 or 12 months. Some policies will provide additional cover once you have obtained vacant possession until you are able to re-let your policy.

We are able to advise you of available rental guarantee policies for your chosen development and the associated cost. If you are interested in one of our developments and would like to find out more about guaranteed rental insurance just ask one of our property consultants.

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