Our "triple Price Guarantee"

We believe that all good companies should stand by their promises. We want to be great and do more than that - we want to STAND OUT for our promises.

It is for this reason that we have decided to GUARANTEE our promises to you, hospital health giving you peace of mind that you are getting the best deal possible. Here's what this looks like on paper:

OUR unique "Triple Price Guarantee":

1. FULL money back guarantee - Remove 100% of the risk from reserving a property with us. We are not in the business of selling people properties they don't want to buy and we build our reputation on the great deals we find for our investors. With our cooling off period as standard, there you can be sure you are making the right buying decision. We'll give you a full refund of any finders fees or deposits held by us within 14 days or exchange of contracts (which ever is sooner)*. We can also hold these funds in an Escrow account until the cooling off period is over on your instruction to give you total confidence in our guarantee.

2. We guarantee you the lowest price for the property you are buying - By this we mean that if you find the exact same property for sale elsewhere for cheaper, we'll match that price on or before reservation.

3. And for your complete peace of mind - we guarantee to give you the best service possible throughout your buying experience - Ok so we can't exactly put a price on this but we're here to look after you, advise you and support you throughout your purchase. Our reputation is built on this promise, just see what some of our other clients say about us on our client testimonials page.



* We cannot unfortunately guarantee the return of any deposits paid to developers either direct or on your behalf as these funds would come under the specific developer's refund policy. We will of course assist with any request for return of these funds should the situation arise and will notify you in advance of any funds that won't come under our full money back guarantee.